Carly Stone Makeup Artist & Hairstylist - Terms & Conditions


Makeup applications include complimentary temporary false lashes.

Complimentary flower girl makeup applications are limited applications ie powder, blush, lip gloss and are included with a minimum adult booking.

The artist supplies all hairstyling and makeup products unless prior arrangement has been reached, with the exception of client’s own lip product/s.

Coverage of tattoos, scars and other areas will attract a further charge. Prior consultation and arrangement must be made for these prior to the day, as on the day, time may not allow. Coverage of these areas may be provided on the day at the discretion of the artist with the understanding that an invoice will be supplied within 48 hours and payment of invoice is due within 72 hours.


Hairstyling attracts a set fee as outlined in your estimate. Changes to your hairstyling may attract an additional fee, an invoice will be supplied within 24 hours and payment of invoice is due within 48 hours of issue of invoice.

Hairstyling includes any products required including pins, bobby pins, fringe pins, hair padding and finishing products, with the exception of hair extensions.

Should you require blow-drying due to wet hair on the day of your service, an additional fee will be charged. Wet hair may affect the overall styling of the hair and must be dried prior to styling, timing may also be affected, and your stylist is not liable.

Extra-long hair, below bra strap may attract an additional fee.

Hair Extensions

Should your desired style require hair extensions, hair extensions supplied by the client must be clean and in good order. Your hair extensions should be quality natural hair. Your stylist is not responsible for damage caused to your hair or hair extensions due to the styling of sub-standard or synthetic extensions.

Previews (Trials) 

Previews are held in my studio in Brighton, Brisbane. Previews must be paid for one week in advance of your trial date.

A single service preview is up to 1.5 hours, for makeup or hair, or up to 3 hours for both makeup and hair preview.

Your preview includes one look, with minor changes.

Should you feel your hair and or makeup look needs to be revisited in another style of look. You are welcome to book another preview at your cost.

Previews can be booked for a maximum of two people unless otherwise arranged, a maximum of one chaperone on the preview date is preferred.

Travel and Parking

Please advise your location for your event or getting-ready location for an accurate quote.

Should your preparation location be changed after your quote is supplied, further travel charges may apply, and you are obliged to advise us of any changes.

Parking is required to be arranged by the client and supplied on location. Where parking is not provided on-site, the client agrees to meet these charges and additional administration charges. 

Parking and travel may be required for more than one stylist, please check with your getting-ready location prior to your booking date to ensure parking is available.

Travel Cost Guide (Estimate Only)

Brisbane CBD and surrounds - from $50.00

Sunshine Coast/hinterland - from $100.00

Gold Coast/hinterland - from $150.00

Scenic Rim - from $200.00

Toowoomba - from $300.00

Areas that are over 2.5 hours of travel or destinations that require an early start may require accommodation for the evening prior to the event, the client is required to meet this cost. 

Destination weddings are welcomed, interstate and international travel is priced on application.

Early Call Out Fees

Early call out fees apply for services required to start prior to 6am.

Should your time requirements change, or additional services be required, an early fee of $150.00 will be added to your balance.

Payment & Booking Fee

A booking fee is required to secure and reserve your wedding or event date.

Your booking fee is non-refundable and non-transferable.

You are advised to pay your booking fee as soon as possible as quotation, trial, or discussion of your required date does not automatically secure your date.

Balance of payment owing is required in full, 14 days prior to your wedding/event date. If your date is less than 14 days in advance, balance of payment is due immediately following your quote.

In the instance that your event is postponed in its entirety resulting from, but not limited to, force majeure, acts of god, flooding, cyclone, earthquake, etc, the stylist is entitled to retain the booking fee to cover the costs of delivering administration. And, while every attempt to accommodate the new proposed date will be made, the stylist is not required to refund booking fees.

A request for a date transfer outside of local government mandated restrictions/limitations will require another booking fee for the proposed date.

Changes to Your Booking

Once your booking has been accepted and confirmed by payment of your booking fee. Your booking party numbers cannot be decreased. Full payment of your advised booking number must be made, though you are welcome to find a substitution for your booking shortfall.

Minimum numbers may apply to some bookings, should your booking be for less, you may be required to pay the minimum booking amount.

Extra makeups and hairstyling can be requested on the day; however, these are subject to time constraints and other bookings and are at the discretion of the stylist. These must be paid in full in cash before beginning of service, no exceptions.

Surcharges may apply to a late increase in party numbers in the event a second makeup artist is required to ensure to your wedding or event services are complete on time.

Our stylists will do our utmost to ensure you leave when agreed, if you, your wedding party or booking party member, or other provider cause you to run late, your agreed be-ready time may be affected. Your stylist is not liable for this or any fees incurred due to these situations.

Late fees will apply if you or your party arrives later the agreed and are not available to start makeup or hairstyling at our agreed start time. In the instance that you or your party arrive late, makeup application and hairstyling may be incomplete, and your artist may have to leave prior to all services being complete.

Cancellations can happen and should you cancel your booking within 6 months of your date you will be refunded any payments made with the exception of your booking fee.

Cancellations within 3 months of your date will be refunded less 50% of your total fees.

Cancellations within 30 days of your booking date will not be refunded and full balance of payment is required.

Quotes are valid for 7 days.

Prices are subject to change.

Payment of your booking fee means you have understood and accept my terms and conditions.


The makeup artist’s or stylist’s products, tools, appliances, brushes, sponges, makeup, and consumables are not to be touched unless instructed by the artist.

All items are kept in excellent condition and safe hygiene practices are of the utmost importance, for this reason neither you, your booking party nor anyone's children are to touch or handle any of the artist's kit items, including brushes.

Any damage or breakages caused must be paid for and you will be invoiced for the cost of replacement items should anything untoward occur.


You must advise the makeup artist or stylist of possible allergies or skin sensitivities to certain products or their ingredients. No liability is accepted by the artist arising from allergic reactions or personal injury arising from consenting the use of the products offered in my kit. Failure to advise of allergies or skin sensitivities to certain products or ingredients may result in refusal of service. Failure to advise of infections or conditions that could put other clients at risk may result in legal action and or recovery of costs to replace kits items affected.

Service may be refused should you fail to advise of conditions for you or your booking party such as, but not limited to conjunctivitis, flu, the common cold, school sores (scabies), cold sores (herpes simplex virus), head lice, eyelash mites, and skin infections, or any other contagious/infectious conditions. No refunds will be offered in these instances.

In the instance of workplace restrictions that include but are not limited to global pandemics, ie Co-VID19/Corona virus, where the artist or stylist is forbidden to work due to government restrictions or legislation, payment of the booking fee is required and will be retained to cover administration charges. 

In the event the artist is too ill or tragic circumstances prevent the artist from attending your booking, all efforts will be taken to secure an artist of similar skill & price to complete the booking. If another artist is not available a full refund will be issued.

For health and safety reasons the artist requires a cigarette smoke and vape free environment in which to work.  The artist reserves the right to stop work if they believe the client is inebriated or otherwise under the influence both for the artist and client's safety.

The artist reserves the right to cancel your agreement at any time for any reason and retain your payment and all expenses, if it is due to clients’ and/or client representative's behaviour, actions or inactions. This includes the day of your event. Aggressive, abusive, rude, discriminatory and/or obnoxious behaviour will not be tolerated towards any Carly Stone Makeup vendors or subcontractors.

Payment of your booking fee acknowledges you, the client, has read, understood and agree to the terms and conditions in full.

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