Should I book a Makeup Trial?

Why Should You Book a Trial?

I know, you’re budgeting, you don’t want to outlay money, right? Or you know what you usually like and your partner has said, “you don’t need makeup anyway”, so why “waste” that money? Well, here’s what I know from years of experience, and how booking a makeup trial can help you.

Skincare, beauty treatments, waxing, threading, faux-tanning, they should all have a timeline in the lead up to your wedding. You can check out my previous blog here for some tips on timing, but at your trial we can go deep, talk about your plans for your beauty regimen leading up to the wedding day, how to schedule your appointments and how to get your best wedding day skin!

“I wear makeup every day and I know what I like.” Fantastic, that’s great and it will really help your makeup artist in creating a beautiful wedding day look. What you might not realise is how your everyday look will translate on camera, and how it might come off a little more natural or lacklustre than you had imagined. A skilled artist can talk you through small changes to amp up that look so it will photograph like a dream and you still feel like you.

“I want this exact look (insert Pinterest photos here).” Ok, I get it, Pinterest is a great resource to find inspiration, it’s also packed full of airbrushed, photoshopped images that barely resemble a normal human face. Your makeup artist wants you to be happy, we want you to love your face so much after we’re done, you nearly cry (don’t ruin your makeup though), we also know you don’t have a huge almond shaped eye like the model and it might not suit that really dramatic look you’re favouring, you have fair skin – not olive and those colours won’t look the same on your skin as on that model, and although that silver cut-crease and liner is really well executed in the picture, it might possibly be a bit too much for that day of days. Are you picking up what I’m putting down?

A trial is not just road-testing that look you’re set on, it’s also about what I bring too. I can offer years of experience, what I know works and what doesn’t, we can chat about small details like wedding day timing, when should you start getting dressed, how you might like to have your mother in law come later on in the day and not be there for the duration. 

And, are you really willing to roll the dice on probably THE MOST photographed day of your life? For the sake of a small outlay, I believe a trial is well worth the investment, it’s for your piece of mind. You can truly relax, knowing your makeup artist has the ball.

And now, for your wedding, drop me a line here about your date, what you’re dreaming of for your day of days, and how I can help you look like your best you. 

Thanks for reading, until next time!

Carly xx

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