Stalking. The good kind…

Are you stalking me? Exxxxcelllennnnt!!!

I love it when my clients tell me they’ve been stalking me, and following me and my work for ages. That makes me feel great, (hello ego - of course) but, more importantly, I know that you love my work.

Because, I want you to KNOW me through my work. I want you to know who I am and what I stand for. I want you to know that I truly care for you and your wedding day and I am there to do everything I can to make it super happy and special and moving for you, your loved ones and your fiancé.

So then, how DO you decide on a makeup artist & hairstylist for your day of days?

Generally, most people are only planning on one wedding. One day-of-days, one perfect day, one time to “get it right” and “feel like a queen”. So how do you choose when there are so many artists out there? 

Here are some points that might help.

Price: For some, budget comes into play, and while I completely understand budget constraints, I urge you to not let that be your only deciding factor.

Products: Marketing for brands is big business these days and many artists use name brands to ride that wave of success. I use products based on performance, ones I know fit my style and will stand up to the tears, the heat and humidity and, crazy dance floor moves.

Social Media: Social media channels are a popular and easy way to search for an artist. Bear in mind however that feeds are highly curated, you’re getting the cream off the top so definitely stalk, stalk, stalk away.

Search Engines: Yes! A great way to search your wedding location, your local suburbs or keywords “boho”, “full glam” or whatever your heart’s desire for an artist near to you however, many great artists don’t make it to the first page.  Also using your social media as a search engine #brisbaneweddingmakeup or #newyorkweddingmakeupandhair or whatever suits your search best is it’s own search engine. 

Referrals: My cousin or neighbour used this artist and he/she was amazing, Yes! I bought a TV from TVLand and the salesperson was so helpful and not pushy at all, yes! What a wonderful way to find someone that you can trust too, based on the experience of someone you know, like and trust. I am lucky to have many client, fellow vendor, friend and colleague referrals for my weddings (you all have my eternal gratitude), and I love it, because you already feel like you know me. 

And, Stalking: Stalk it all. Stalk all the channels, stalk their website, google their images, stalk so you know what you’re getting, and who you are getting. Stories on Facebook or Instagram too, are a great way to learn more about your artist so stalk them too!

If you have been married already, how did you decide? I’d love to hear from you!

Thanks for reading, until next time.

Carly xx

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