How’s your Brow game?

Blog Spotlight – Brows, Lashes by me :) Carly Stone

Let’s talk all things brows and lashes. I’ve been a makeup artist and hairstylist for  a few years….*cough going on (lucky for me) 13, yikes! And, I have always been super passionate about making the most of what you have. After the Covid rollercoaster, I decided to, what’s that buzz word, P - I - V - O - T?! 

Enter brow and lash training and, a dedicated luxe space to host my clients.

I now bring you expert brow care and lash lifts to you, my lovely and amazing clients, yay. I love the way these treatments enhance what you already have and, help your body by nourishing your lashes and brows. So what services are available? I’m so glad you asked!

  • Brow care and shaping - ease into your brow journey with our Foundation Brows, or step into your best brows asap with our Reputation Brows!

Expert brow shaping and taming, waxing, tweezing, dyeing and brow lamination by HDBrows to create your best, elevated brows using the hair you have already.

  • Lash lifts and tinting - enhance your own lashes with almost no maintenance and nourish your lashes too!

Create lifted, longer looking lashes with a Nouveau LVL Lash lift to extend and elevate your lashes, wake up ready to go. It’s also perfect for anyone who suffers hayfever (*cough me) no mascara  to smudge or panda when your eyes are irritated thanks to pollen and dust.

These services are perfect to start at any time but if you have a special event, book in a week or two prior. 

Who’s this treatment for?

Ideally you’re looking for a naturally enhanced look. You’d like to utilise your own brows and lashes to their very best, without handing over to a permanent shape that may not suit you in years to come, or may cause damage.

How often should we book in for your brows and lash lifts/tints?

This depends on your own lash and brow growth/cycle. I advise my clients to rebook every 6-8 weeks to get the most out of their treatments, maintain your ideal shape and stay on top of any corrections we are trying to achieve. The more regularly you come, the more polished and maintained your brows will look.

Will the process damage brows?

When the treatment is done by a professional, the treatment will enhance your own brows and in most cases, add to the brow hair health.  

*(I can personally attest to these benefits, my brows are a lot fuller and thicker. Prior to beginning, I was considering brow tattooing as the tails of my brows weren’t much to look at, (they started strong and then just, you know, drifted off, now, they’re thriving and I constantly receive compliments on my brows!)

What other beauty services do you offer?

Other services on offer are Nouveau LVL Lash Lift, lash tinting, brow waxing and facial waxing, makeup and hairstyling for your event, bridal makeup and commercial requirements and photoshoots.

When should I book in to look my best if I have an event coming up?

I would book in a week before your event, so your brows are looking their best and your skin has had time to settle down from any waxing.

Where can clients find you?

512 Hornibrook Highway, Shop 2, Brighton, Queensland, 4017. Right next door to Blume Coffee.

How can I book in with you?

You can book in with me through my website or social pages, preferably a week or two in advanced so I can make sure I can fit you in.

Thanks for reading, if you need help with your brows or you’d like to chat (book in for a complimentary test patch and consultation) about starting a brow journey with me, let’s chat xx

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